16 weight loss secrets that everyone needs to know

Let’s be honest, weight loss isn’t easy. If it were, we wouldn’t be spending hours online searching for the answers to popular fitness questions, such as:

‘How does weight loss work?’ and ‘where does weight loss show first?’

The trouble is, there are so many weight loss ‘tips’ around that it becomes difficult to see through the noise (and the myths). There are many things that happen when you lose weight, or first set off on your weight loss journey.

We were going to stick at 10 things you need to know about losing weight, but with so much more to give, we’ve kinda gone a little overboard!

So, without further ado, here’s 16 weight loss secrets you don’t have to keep to yourself!

1. Drinking water before meals boosts weight loss

There are some things that happen when you lose weight that you can’t really control, such as the first place you lose fat from. However, there are plenty of weight loss tips and tricks you can implement to support your weight loss goals.

This includes drinking water before you eat a meal. According to studies, drinking water can boost your metabolism by around 24 to 30% over a 1 to 1 ½ hour window, supporting calorie burn.

Further research has shown that drinking 17 ounces of water 30minutes before a meal encourages dieters to eat fewer calories, losing 44% more weight in comparison to non-water drinkers.

2. You can lose weight without exercise

Do you need to exercise to lose weight? While it is possible to lose weight without exercise, it’s going to take some self-discipline to get there.

Without exercise, you will need to lower your daily calorie intake considerably. This means reducing portion sizes and cutting out snacking in between meals (sorry ladies!). Try to swap unhealthy foods for salads and low-calorie alternatives.

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However, we would always suggest pairing a healthy diet with regular exercise to maximize weight loss and improve all-round health, while avoiding drastic and restrictive diets.

3. Spot reducing is a myth (sorry)

Whether you’re trying to lose weight from your thighs or flatten your belly, we know you want to able to choose where is the first place you lose fat.

The trouble is, when our body starts burning fat, there is no way to know. It’s not uncommon to ask, ‘where does weight loss show first?’ since many of us are eager to reduce fat in specific areas. In order to tone up, you need to shed fat first, before building definition in certain muscle areas.

4. Consistency really is key

Trying to figure out how does weight loss work? You’re not alone. Put simply, weight loss occurs when you burn more calories than you’re consuming.

While skipping lunch for a single day may leave your stomach grumbling and make you feel as though you’re doing right, this type of consistency is needed long term.

When you’re consistently burning more calories than you’re eating (a calorie deficit), doing this over an extended period of time will quickly get you on track to achieving your body goals.

5. Make HIIT your BFF for fat loss

In order to lose weight, you need to be burning some serious calories and work within a calorie deficit. But what’s the best workout for the job?

Although there are plenty of bodyweight exercises you can do, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can help you torch some serious fat! So instead of slow and steady walking on the treadmill, spend 30 minutes of intensive exercise for maximum results.

Yep, you heard me right. There’s no need to spend hours in the gym. A HIIT workout relies on quick intervals with little rest, boosting your fat burn and your metabolism long after your workout has finished.

Check out our workouts for women that are short on time to help squeeze exercise into your busy schedule.

6. Coffee can increase fat burn

Drinking coffee (preferably black) is not only great for helping you feel full, but it can also boost your metabolism by 3 to 11%. In addition, coffee can increase fat burn by up to 10 to 29%, according to research.

However, when you start loading it up with sugar and creamer, that’s when you’ll be adding excess calories. Try to drink your coffee black to maximize the antioxidants and other health benefits.

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7. Green tea can enhance fat burning

Much like coffee, green tea has a bunch of health benefits – including aiding weight loss.

Although it does contain a small amount of caffeine, green tea is loaded with powerful antioxidants too, which work similarly to coffee in the way it enhances fat burn.

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Of course, green tea’s health benefits are far more prominent than opting for sodas and coffees (unless black!).

8. Cutting sugar can support weight loss

Many of us consume far too much sugar, which means that lowering our sugar intake can have plenty of benefits.

According to research, consuming too much sugar (and high-fructose corn syrup) is strongly linked with obesity risks, as well as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

If you’re trying to lose weight, start by cutting back on sugar. We’re talking about processed sugars, not natural ones. So instead of munching on candy, opt for natural fruit instead.

9. The right carbs are welcome

While cutting carbs entirely will deprive your body of the right carbs, cutting back on refined carbohydrates will support your weight loss goals.

Despite strict diets enforcing a low-carb approach to dieting, complex carbs are needed since they are packed with important nutrients. When we mention carbs, we’re referring to white bread and pasta, which are lacking in fiber and true nutritional content.

Plus, research has shown that refined, processed carbs can quickly spike your blood sugar levels, leading to hunger and cravings that can sabotage your fitness efforts.

10. Smaller plates can improve portion size

Portion control is incredibly important for weight loss – for obvious reasons. Still wondering, ‘how does weight loss work?’ remember, it’s all about the calorie deficit.

In order to lose weight, you need to be consuming less and burning more. One quick tip for consuming less is to eat off smaller plates. This means that you’re less inclined to go overboard with the portions, helping you become more aware of what you’re eating.

According to research, keeping a food diary or taking photos of your meals can support your weight loss efforts. With plenty of mobile apps designed to track your meals, you can’t go wrong!

11. Spice can boost metabolism

If you like spicy food, you’re going to love this! Chili peppers contain capsaicin, a fiery compound that has been shown to boost metabolism and slightly reduce your appetite.

However, this isn’t a solution long term as it can lose its effectiveness.

12. Fill your home with healthy alternatives

When the cabinets are filled with unhealthy foods, it’s no wonder we’re tempted into eating them! Try to empty your home of processed, sugary foods and opt for healthy alternatives.

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If you’re anything like me, snacking can be incredibly tempting! So instead of filling your kitchen with candy and chips, try to snack on fruit and other healthy alternatives.

13. Don’t forget strength training

There are many things that happen when you lose weight, one of which may be muscle loss. This is a common side effect of dieting, alongside metabolic slowdown!

So how can you prevent this from happening? As well as your regular cardio, add some strength training into your workouts. This will help to avoid muscle loss, and support you in creating that body definition as you begin to lose weight.

Plus, weight lifting can help to keep your metabolism high, so you can stay on track long term!

14. Good sleep means everything!

We all love sleep, right? But as well as fuelling us for the day ahead, poor sleep has also been linked to obesity.

Think about it – When we’re running on empty, we can quickly crave junk foods, breaking our healthy eating! So not only does sleep allow our bodies to repair (especially after a tough workout!) but quality sleep helps us stay on track with our healthy eating, too.

15. You’re eating healthily, not ‘dieting’

One of the biggest things that happens when you lose weight is being too strict on yourself. Instead, try to build a healthy relationship with food.

Think of it as healthy eating, not ‘dieting’ – as this can often lead to yo-yo dieting, doing more harm than good to your fitness long term. When you begin to naturally opt for healthy alternatives over processed foods, eating well becomes second nature.

If you put your focus on the foods you can’t have, you’ll simply want them more! Instead, focus on the ones you can enjoy.

16. Chew slower to eat less

In order to realise that we’re full, our brains need to register that we’ve had enough to eat.

When we eat too fast, it can become easy to eat too much, since these signals of being full up are harder to detect!

Research has shown that chewing more slowly can help you to eat less, increasing the production of hormones linked to weight loss. Not only does this mean that you’ll be chewing your food more thoroughly, but you’ll be less inclined to distraction-eat and consume more calories.

Things that happen when you lose weight

We all have different experiences when trying to lose weight. The trouble is, we want quickly results and we all want to know, ‘where is the first place you lose fat?’

Unfortunately, you cannot spot reduce fat in certain areas. But instead, improving your overall fitness will allow you to lose weight consistently and stay on track to hitting your body goals.

The bottom line is, focusing on a healthy and varied diet will not only benefit your general health, but also support your weight loss goals. Plus, when paired with regular exercise, you’ll be feeling and looking your best in no time!

Ready to hit your goals?

Hopefully, by now we’ve covered your main questions and concerns! Including, ‘how does weight loss work?’ ‘do you need to exercise to lose weight?’ and of course, ‘where does weight loss show first?’

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