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#1 Introduction Guide

The Introduction Guide is more than just an introduction to our proven 15-Day Diet and Workout regime. In this introductory guide, you’ll get acquainted with how to adopt the proper mindset for successful rapid weight loss. You’ll discover how to give shape and form to your “wellness vision”, and why it’s so critical to long term success. You’ll also learn:

  • How to identify motivators to make sure your passion and drive don’t suffer one bit during your 15-Day commitment
  • How to identify obstacles that could prevent you from succeeding or severely impede your progress
  • Proactive strategies you can implement to counteract and overcome these obstacles
  • Why shooting for the typical ½ lb of weight loss per week sets you up for failure from the beginning
  • And much more…

After reading the Introduction Guide, you’ll be fired up and ready to go – equipped with everything you need to enter a rock-solid frame of mind that will help you sail through your 15-Day weight loss journey with ease.

#2 Diet Guide

The real meat of Di.et, this comprehensive guide will go over exactly what foods to eat to kickstart your metabolism, the merit of various strategies and approaches you may have come across in the diet industry, and the basic physiology of fat metabolism. In addition, you’ll learn:

  • Little-known strategies to dramatically elevate your fat burning potential that run counter to most of the mainstream diet information out there
  • Why all calories are not created equal
  • Which macronutrient reigns supreme as the “king” of macronutrients for weight loss
  • 9 fat burning superfoods to include in your diet immediately
  • How to prevent dread weight regain forever
  • Specific, meal-by-meal 15-Day plans for meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans
  • And much more…

The Diet Guide will tell you exactly what to eat at each and every meal over the course of your 15-Day rapid weight loss journey. You’ll know how much to eat, AND when to eat it (no guesswork involved). All you have to do is follow the plan and watch your stubborn body fat melt away.

#3 Workout Guide

While following the Diet Guide alone could produce significant results, the 15-Day Workout Guide will help you double your results with proven, fat-shredding exercises.

In this exhaustive guide to training and exercise for weight loss, you’ll learn absolutely everything you need to know to make sure the hard work you put in helps you melt fat at an astonishing rate. Find out where you fall on the body fat spectrum and what you should be shooting for, how to avoid stalling out and how to burst through plateaus, and what kind of training approach is the best, bar-none, for weight loss. This guide was specifically designed for those who don’t have time to go to the gym every day and can do short workouts in the comfort of their home. The Workout Guide includes:

  • What form of stretching is superior to help you warm up and how to incorporate it into your program
  • The SAID principle and what it means for you
  • How to get 2x the results in half the time with your cardio training
  • Whether you can actually spot reduce
  • Strategies and exercises to stay fit while traveling
  • Detailed 15-Day workout plan listing advanced exercise combinations, set and rep counts, and rest periods to help you achieve maximum weight loss
  • And much more…

The combination of our super effective workout routine with the 15-Day diet plan is the master key you need to unlock your metabolism’s maximum fat burning potential and achieve stunningly fast weight loss.

#4 Supplement Guide

No weight loss and workout manual would be complete without a guide to supplementation and how you can enhance your results with specific, fat burning supplements. You’ll find out which supplements are essential for rapid weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, as well as the specific weight loss benefits of supplements such as:

  • Whey Protein
  • Fish Oil
  • BCAAs
  • Cleanse Tea
  • And much more…

Supplements will not replace proper nutrition, but they can help you hit your fitness and weight loss goals faster! Once you’ve read this guide you will know which supplements can complement your diet to cover nutrient gaps and ensure peak performance as well as which ones can help improve your health and physique at the same time. Invaluable knowledge for anyone who wants to lose weight!

#5 Maintenance Guide

Understanding how to maintain your results is a critical element to sustained weight loss and long term happiness. This could be arguably the most valuable asset of the entire guide set, as you’ll learn how to avoid the numerous pitfalls that await you after you complete the Di.et program. You’ll also discover:

  • How to allow yourself indulgences without “falling off the wagon”
  • Effective accountability strategies that will keep you honest and committed to your goals at all times
  • The role of willpower in weight loss and how you can actually acquire more of it
  • How to recognize the “sweet spot” of lifestyle and diet balance
  • Ways in which you can pursue your goals even further and chase your dreams
  • And much more…

When you put together the strategies and tactics included in each of the 5 guides, you have in your hands all the nutrition, exercise, and motivational guidance you need to take control of your weight for good. You’ll not only be able to blow off those first 15 lbs with ease, but keeping it off will be no more than an afterthought – you’ll never struggle with weight loss ever again!

Achieve your body goals faster with 24/7 fat burning fuelled by nature