Do you need a women focused fat burner?

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Yes and No! I’m going to be completely transparent with you and say that there are currently no clinically proven miracle ingredients that work better for women than men.

BUT there are definitely important factors us women should consider when buying a fat burner and why choosing a female fat burner will be saving you time and energy.

So why buy a female fat burner?

The question is “do you have the time to research all the ingredients in every fat burner on the market to make sure the ingredients match your lifestyle?” Many of you reading this will say “no” and that’s why female fat burners have been created.

The research has been done and the results are in!

We’ve got it all going on!

Let’s face it life can get pretty hectic juggling work, kids, exercise, housework, and a kickass social life so it’s no surprise that Caffeine is one of the first ingredients on the list of must haves for a female fat burner.

Not only does caffeine keep our metabolism firing, it also makes sure we are getting the most out of those squeezed in HIIT sessions and 5k runs with our besties. In fact, in some studies caffeine has been seen to increase exercise performance by 11%

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I snack, what about it!

It’s there in the cupboard, screaming your name, that juicy chocolate bar, can you resist it? Well any great female fat burner should suppress that desire for snacks and that’s why it’s important to choose one with Glucomannan in it.

Glucomannan is a dietary fibre that has been proven to make you feel fuller and promote weight loss. It works by absorbing water, expanding in your stomach, and taking up space which is why it’s important to get the right dosage. Too much might make you feel bloated and lethargic.

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It’s totally unfair but clinical studies have found that women typically have a slower metabolism than men by up to 10%. What’s even more unfair is that men tend to lose weight quicker than women too! So, it’s totally understandable that any successful female fat burner should include metabolism boosting ingredients like Green Tea.

What’s even more fab is that Green tea and Caffeine is a weight loss match made in heaven, with both complementing each other to reach higher levels of thermogenesis.

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Keep the burn

A female fat burner wouldn’t be worth taking if it didn’t have green coffee bean extracts in it. Unlike roasted coffee, green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acids that provides highly potent antioxidant activity that works to lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar, and help towards burning fat and promoting weight loss.
Keeping your blood sugar levels in check can only be a good thing with women being 4 times more at risk of heart disease if they develop diabetes.

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Ensuring you have the right fat burner supplement for you is important. Just remember that this is only part of your journey. Any fat burner, male, female, or non-specific will still require you to eat a healthy balanced diet, mixed with a kick-ass exercise routine for you to see the best results.

If you are looking for a female fat burner that not only has all these ingredients but is made from all-natural ingredients, Trimtone is the female fat burner for you.

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