Too tired to workout?

You have goals to achieve a healthier lifestyle or a weight loss target to meet for a special occasion, you’re all pumped up and motivated to reach your goals, but you’re so tired and just don’t have the energy to work out? Does this sound familiar? We’ve all been there, ladies.

Everyone’s energy levels fluctuate sometimes, and we all go through periods of low energy. But the good news is that we can all boost our energy levels! Research shows that often low energy results from the foods we eat, so we’ve put together our top tips for increasing your energy levels to give you that oomph to exercise and develop a consistent routine.

Feed your gut

We all have trillions of microbes living in our gut, making up our gut microbiome. Our gut microbiome isn’t only crucial for our digestion but also our overall health. Everyone’s microbiome is different and needs different foods to thrive.

Having a diverse microbiome with many different microbes in your gut is great for your health. Often when your gut is feeling out of sync with your body or not in the best shape with microbiomes, you’ll feel exhausted, but by feeding it well, you can see the results in improved energy levels.

Avoid spiking your sugar

When you eat carbs, your blood sugar rises. This is a normal response, but it can be harmful in the long term if your blood sugar rises or crashes too quickly. When your blood sugar dips or spikes, you’ll often notice changes in your energy levels and symptoms like difficulty concentrating, irritability, and hunger.

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Instead of simple carbs, eating more complex carbohydrates, particularly whole grains, fruits, veggies, beans, seeds, and nuts, can help you to control your blood sugar.

Reduce processed foods

We already know that convenience and grab & go foods aren’t the best for us, and they’re often highly processed with added sugar, salt, unhealthy fats, and additives. They’re typically harder to digest and can cause your blood sugar to become unstable. Instead, eat more whole foods such as:

  • baked potatoes over potato chips
  • oatmeal instead of sugary cereal
  • dark chocolate instead of candy
  • fruit instead of juice or soda

Drink lots of water

If you notice that your energy levels are flagging, consider if you’ve drunk enough water, as dehydration can cause feelings of tiredness and impact your mood. Did you know that research has shown that being as little as 2% dehydrated can affect your attention-span and hand-eye coordination?

So, whether you need brain power or energy to exercise, try a glass of water. Struggling to stay hydrated? Try these tips:

  • drink a glass of water before each meal
  • carry a refillable water bottle with you
  •  use a straw to make it easier to drink
  •  start your day with a large glass of water
  •  flavor your water with fruit or herbs
  • drink herbal teas

Go easy on the caffeine

We can all count on a cup of caffeine to increase our feelings of alertness and energy. However, whilst you might feel like you need a cup of coffee to get through the mid-afternoon slog, having coffee too late in the afternoon can negatively impact your sleep and create a domino effect.

Make sleep a priority

This brings us to your sleep! Obviously, if you’ve had a poor night’s sleep, you will feel it the next day. If you regularly sleep badly can lead to your energy levels being impacted and changes in your appetite.

Plus, when many of us sleep poorly, we’re more likely to snack on sugary and processed foods resulting in blood sugar spikes, crashes, and lower energy levels.

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The CDC recommends getting at least seven hours of good quality sleep a night. This might feel impossible with our busy lives, but it should be a priority and go to bed earlier if you’re struggling to get enough sleep. Going to sleep earlier sets you up nicely for the next day, with controlled blood sugar levels.

Stress management

Look, ladies, none of us will be able to remove stress entirely from our daily lives, that’s not realistic. But you can address your stress levels with positive coping methods to increase your stress management and stay on top of things.

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Stress is part of our everyday life, but there are some small things that we can do to address it:

  • get outside every day
  • take a walk or do some light movement
  • exercise regularly
  • use breathing exercises to feel calm
  • work with a therapist
  • call a loved one
  • get enough sleep

Don’t smoke

Did you know that smoking can make you feel low in energy? Plus, it can impact your motivation to change your habits. If you currently smoke, you might find that quitting smoking will improve your overall health and boost your energy levels.

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