The ultimate calorie burn: Workouts vs A night of passion

When you’re struggling to drag your butt to the gym, it’s no surprise your mind drifts to the idea of burning calories with sex instead.

In fact, many of you are searching every month whether it’s worth jumping in the sack or if exercise really is the key to burning calories.

The trouble is the ‘average’ steamy session between the sheets can totally differ from one couple to the next, depending on a whole range of factors – from positions, to duration, gender and even your fitness level. Put it this way, there’s a lot to consider.

Now, if you start bringing calorie counting into your sex sessions, the chances are, it’s gonna kill the mood. But at the same time, sex is certainly a great way to exercise…

Is sex a good workout?

If it’s burning calories, it’s gotta be considered a ‘workout’ right? However, it’s worth remembering that the ‘average’ duration of sex can totally differ from one couple to the next, making it tough to gauge true calorie burn.

In reality, unless your sessions are lasting over an hour, you’re unlikely to burn as many calories having sex as you would during other forms of exercise – such as swimming or running. It all comes down to heart rate.

While it’s wonderful that sex has health benefits and helps people feel more energetic and motivated, as well as the ability to burn calories, it is important that you do not rely on sex as a form of exercise and choose other methods, too.

How many calories do women burn during sex, compared to the opposite sex?

While some research would suggest that men burn more calories during sex than women, there are so many other factors to consider – making it impossible to truly decide who burns more.

Plus, where do same sex couples sit in this equation? Put simply, the person doing the most movement during sex is likely to be burning more calories.

Furthermore, your choice of position plays a part. If you’re a Pillow Princess, the chances are you’re not burning so much. If you’re taking the lead in the reverse cowgirl, you’re going to be burning more, ladies!

What about a 30 minute run vs sex?

How long would you need to be, *erm*, going at it for? Or, ya know, running for?

Sorry to disappoint, but yet again it kinda depends. The number of calories you burn during sex relies on a variety of factors, as we talked about above. And the same applies to running.

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In fact, it doesn’t matter what type of exercise you’re doing, as there’s typically a number of factors to consider (such as how much weight, duration, heart rate etc).

For a 30 minute run vs a sweaty session between the sheets, it can depend on:

  • The pace you’re running at
  • The incline you’re working with

On average, running for 30 minutes can burn anywhere between 200 and 500 calories. But what would the sex equivalent be? Well… We heard that the butter churner position can burn around 211 calories per 30 minutes. We’re not quite going to demonstrate it for you, though…

How long would sex have to last to burn as many calories as a 30-minute walk?

While walking won’t quite get your heart pumping as much as a run might, you can still burn between 100 and 200 calories from a 30-minute stroll.

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If you’d rather swap the walk for sex instead (who wouldn’t?), around 30 minutes of doggy style could burn around 180 calories. I repeat, could.

What about sex vs 30 minutes of weightlifting?

If you’d rather skip the weights and head straight for bed (not to sleep, bearing in mind…), standing sex could be a great alternative to 30 minutes of lifting weights.

For every 15 minutes of standing sex, you could be burning around 99 calories. I know what I’d rather be doing…

30 minutes of yoga vs sex

The clue is in the title with this sex position: The eagle.

Yep, 20 minutes of sex in this position could be a strong alternative to 30 minutes of yoga, burning a whopping 120 calories.

How to increase calorie burn during sex

By now, I’d be surprised if you’re not already stripping off, ready to jump in the sack. But it’s going to take some work to burn those calories in bed, vs the gym!

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But of course, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible… But how can you increase the number of calories you burn during sex? Here’s how:

  • Pay attention to positions that require the most movement (therefore calorie burn)
  • Focus on duration – It’s not just about intercourse either, as foreplay can also come into the time spent being intimate with your partner

The bottom line – sex or workouts?

The truth is, sex is fun, exciting and far more pleasurable than hitting the gym. Plus, you’ll save money too. With the added benefit of happy chemicals being released, sex can also improve your heart health and sleep quality, too.

Of course, one quick sex session won’t quite tally up with a go-hard-or-go-home gym workout, but the two can work perfectly together to maximize your weekly calorie burn.

Remember! Duration and positions count, so don’t be afraid to get inventive. Enjoy sex for what it is, without focusing on your calorie burn during – let’s be honest, that’s a total mood killer!

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