10 motivational tips that will change your life

Have you ever experienced the feeling that everyone around you is brimming with energy, effortlessly achieving their goals and living their best life, while you struggle to find your own motivation? You know deep down that you want to set meaningful goals and make this year your most successful one yet, but you are unsure of how to get there.

Well, ladies, we’re here to help! We all get stuck in ruts occasionally, and it can be hard to shake it all off. We’re here with our top motivational tips to give you a serious mood and motivation boost!

Here are our top ten motivational tips to help you get out of your rut and start living your best life.

Create tomorrow’s to-do list tonight

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When you’re feeling overwhelmed or a bit lost, it might seem counterintuitive to make a list for tomorrow but, it’s a game changer! Even if you’ve not got that much to do, you’re clearing your head and reducing your stress levels by writing it all down and creating a plan.

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Plus, when it comes to the morning, you know exactly what’s waiting for you.

Make your bed every day

When you’re in a rut, how quickly do you stop making your bed? Making your bed every morning sets your day up right and gives you a sense of achievement. Plus, getting into a made bed feels so much better at night.

Read, read, read

If you’ve got lots of free time, then reading is one of the best habits to develop. It stimulates your brain, plus it’s great for your mental health. Studies have shown that stress levels are reduced by 68% after reading.

Work out

Whether it’s a 30-minute walk around your local area or a quick 20-30-minute HIIT workout, exercising can absolutely turn your day around. And it’s good for you!

Consider your nutrition

If you’ve got weight loss or healthy living goals that are feeling a bit stuck, and that’s what’s making you lose your motivation, have you thought about Trimtone and how it could support your goals?

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Book in some self-care

If you’ve been working hard recently, then it’s time to book some self-care time and pamper yourself. You could even build it into your nighttime routine to create a relaxing end to the day.

Visualize your goals

If you feel like you’ve lost sight of your motivation, then positive imagery is a powerful way to get back on track. Think about your goals, imagine your life once you’ve reached your targets and use these thoughts and feelings to keep yourself going.

Speak to yourself kindly

We’re all guilty of it. Would you speak to a friend how you talk to yourself sometimes? The answer is probably no.

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We all need to speak to ourselves kindlier and create a positive attitude.

Take part in activities that fuel your purpose

How many things are you doing because you feel like you should, rather than because they’re what you enjoy? Training for a marathon is grueling, but if you don’t love it, you’re going to find it draining. This applies to all parts of your life; if you don’t love it, replace it with something you love! 

Reward yourself

When you’re feeling low and struggling, you might not feel like you deserve nice things, but if you build in rewards, it helps keep you motivated and avoid everything feeling like such a slog. Make sure to reward yourself, whether you treat yourself to a movie, a nice dinner, or a new pair of leggings! You’ve got this, ladies!

We hope this list of ten motivational tips will help you shake it off, get out of your rut and achieve your goals in 2023!

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