Let’s say NO to blue Monday

Today is Blue Monday. The crappiest day of the year. That’s right, this any old day is considered the most depressing day of the year.

Feeling blue can happen to us at any time. But Blue Monday is considered the point in January where we feel at our crappiest. Whether your diet is simply B-O-R-I-N-G (what diet isn’t?) or your motivation is dropping – today is the day where it just all seems to happen.

Plus, the weather is beyond shocking. It’s cold, you’re wearing 455 layers and all you want is to see some sun. This alone exacerbates any mental health illness you may already suffer from. I’ll be honest, the list of Blue Monday woes is endless.

So not only do you feel pretty crappy, but now social media is on your back about Blue Monday… Further you go into your negative mindset, right? Because if you saw it on Facebook, it must be true. Karen shared it after all. Wrong.

Where did Blue Monday even come from?

If you’re looking for someone to blame for your bad mood, you might need to go back to 2005. A formula was created way back when, combining multiple factors we’re experiencing by the time January’s third Monday comes around.

After seeing the name Blue Monday so much, we just kinda took it on board. At least now we can blame our feelings and negative mindset on something.

But I’m sorry to break it to you. No day in the calendar is to blame for your feelings and mindset. Because that’s all it is, really. One day.

Blue Monday and motivation

Whatever the reason may be, when you’re not feeling yourself, even the simplest of tasks can feel hard. Finding motivation with your new healthy lifestyle can be even trickier, especially when there’s holiday snacks still laying around.

Winter is a tough time of year for many reasons. You know you need to get outside and exercise but you can’t face the cold. Oh and where did the sun go? A lack of vitamin D can make you feel fatigued – making exercise the last thing on your mind.

So what can you do?

Keep at it! Easier said than done I know. But you’ll reap the benefits. A 10 minute run is better than no run at all. And when there’s no sun to help keep your immune system on top form, there are other ways to get that essential vitamin D!

Try incorporating oily fish (such as salmon, trout and mackerel), egg yolks and mushrooms into your diet. The sun may not be shining, but you can keep your body feeling on form with these foods!

Staying positive in your goals

By the time Blue Monday comes around, you may well be feeling ready to throw in the towel – but you don’t have to. Your new diet sucks, you’re fed up with the cold and you’re still paying off that Christmas debt. But it’s time to turn that around and say NO to Blue Monday!

A new diet can be daunting enough, especially when you don’t see the results you crave right away. But keep going!

I promise you, adopting a positive mental attitude to life, your goals and your lifestyle may be hard initially, but it gets a LOT easier. Once you choose to think positively, nothing can get in your way.

If you feel a little overwhelmed with the goals you’ve set yourself, it may be time to revisit them. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Stick to a couple of achievable goals and put a positive spin on them. Instead of I can’t have, think but I can have

Keeping to your exercise goals

Sticking to exercise and a healthy lifestyle gets easier with time, especially when you maintain a positive mindset and stop thinking about what you can’t have.

Struggling to exercise alone? While it’s cold outside, a home workout is the perfect solution. But it can be hard to get motivated! Try a virtual exercise class to keep you on your toes, or buddy up with a friend for a bit of friendly competition.

Feeling bluer than Blue Monday?

If you’re struggling with your mental health, reminders of Blue Monday problems can be hard enough. Especially when battling with yourself on a daily basis goes beyond the winter struggle.

Those feelings of anxiety, depression and fatigue may suddenly be felt the world over (according to some formula!), but it doesn’t make your situation any better. But it does suddenly feel like you have a day to blame, validating feeling the way you do.

While your goals can feel like a million miles away, they definitely aren’t. It’s okay to not be okay! So if you’re feeling bluer than those Blue Monday moods, it’s always best to speak to someone about how you’re feeling. Whether you confide in a friend, family member or speak to a medical professional.

Get ready to blow Blue Monday away! You’ve GOT THIS.

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