How to get back to exercise

Ladies, let’s be honest, sometimes life happens, and we can get a little off track with our healthy living goals. Whether family commitments pop up, you become unwell, pick up some overtime, or maybe you get derailed around the holidays? No matter the reason, we’ve all been there, you get busy, and your exercise routine goes out the window.

It can feel intimidating picking up your routine again, but no matter how daunting it feels, you can get back into your exercise routine! And if you’re feeling this way, know you’re not alone. According to new research by fitness tracking app, Strava, and the This Girl Can campaign, in a poll of more than 2000 women, 35% said they were on a break from exercise, with lulls in activity lasting anywhere from a month to several years, the average pause was 13 months. So, if you’re struggling to get back on the bike, you’re not alone.

Look, ladies, we’re not going to pretend that getting back into exercise is easy, but it is worth it, and we know that you’ve got this!

9 tips for getting back into exercise

Here are our top tips to help motivate you and get back into training.

Focus on moving your body

How good you are at a particular activity can impact how keen you are to get back to it, but whether you’re an Olympian runner or an amateur isn’t what matters; it’s just about getting active and moving your body.

Start small with the 5-minute rule

When you’re getting back into the swing of your exercise routine, doing a full hour-long workout can be daunting, so it often leads people to procrastinate and avoid the gym. So, if a long time feels overwhelming, just commit to five minutes.

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If, after five minutes, you don’t have the energy to keep going, then you’ll stop. But more often than not, you’ll feel better about doing a longer workout once you’re going and in motion. And if you only have five minutes in the tank, you made it to work out, and that’s something to be proud of!

Create a schedule

Open the calendar on your phone right now, block out three times this week that you could work out and put it in your diary. If it’s booked in, you’re more likely to go than if it’s a spontaneous trip.

This is also helpful because you’re planning for the following few workouts. Getting the first one in the bag is great but getting the second booked in is even better! The key to getting back into your routine is consistency and just keep going.

Your music matters

When you’re exercising, you need to listen to music that gets you pumped up and feeling like working hard. Create a playlist with your favorite songs that you can use to get you moving!

Do it for you

It can be tempting to share your progress on social media, which can be really encouraging, but remember you’re doing this for yourself. Exercise requires effort, time and dedication, and unless it’s making you feel good and giving you energy, you might struggle to stick to your goals.

Remember how good it makes you feel

Sometimes, we focus too much on the initial effort of exercise rather than the outcome. However, whilst working out can be hard at the time, many of us will feel amazing afterwards.

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So, if you’re struggling to get out the door and down to the gym, it’s ok to acknowledge that working out can be difficult but that post-workout high will be incredible. You might be sore tomorrow, but you’ll never regret that workout.

Prep in advance

Don’t let anything get in the way of getting back in the swing of working out, and prepare for your workout in advance. Pack your bag, lay out gym clothes, and put your alarm clock on the other side of the room; these will help you get up and out the door to get in your whole workout.

If you typically work out after work, the same rule applies, pack and prep the night before and leave your gym bag ready and waiting by your desk to know what you’ve got coming.

Find a gym buddy

With no accountability or anyone to answer to, it’s easy to pull out of your workout. But if you have a friend, work colleague, or family member to work out with, you will have a massive boost in accountability and motivation and add a bit of fun to working out.

Step outside the gym

Not everyone enjoys the atmosphere of the gym or even working out in that way. Some people prefer team sports or running in their local park, out in the fresh air. So, remember, being fit and healthy looks different for different people, and you get there in different ways. If the gym isn’t working for you, it’ll make it even more challenging to stick to being consistent. Pick up a social sport or get out with the dog on some long runs, and just get your body moving!

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Remember, habits are created from the consistent activities we choose to invest our time in. The more consistent you are with your exercise routine, the easier it will be to turn it into a habit and make it part of your daily life.

Ready to get back to exercise?

With the tips above, you’ll be back exercising in no time!

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