How long does it take to notice weight loss?

When you’ve set your sights on losing weight, one of the first things you want to see is a difference in your appearance. However, the amount of time it takes to notice weight loss can differ pretty significantly from one person to another.

Your weight loss timeline may differ greatly from a friend, for example, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t notice your weight loss right away!

So: how long does it take to notice weight loss?

Noticeable weight loss can occur within even one week, depending on your diet, the kind of exercise you are doing, and how you are measuring your fitness goals.

Even if you haven’t noticed a difference after several weeks, however, it’s important to remember that your health isn’t only what’s on the outside, and that your body will be benefiting in a multitude of ways.

There’s no single answer that works for everybody looking, so here are some of the reasons why noticing weight loss can vary!

Your starting size

If you’re wondering ‘when is weight loss noticeable?’, it’s important to remember all of us lose weight a little differently, and it can often fall off unexpected areas of the body. One of the main differences that impacts how long it takes to notice weight loss is your starting size.

For example, if you’re at the bigger end of the scales and fall into the obese range on the body mass index (BMI), your weight can potentially change quite quickly. However, weight fluctuation may not be as noticeable at a heavier starting weight.

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Whereas, if you’re smaller in frame at the start of your weight loss timeline, although weight may come off more slowly, the change in weight will be noticeable more quickly.

If, at the start of your weight loss journey, you have a lower BMI, you’ll likely have less weight to lose – with weight coming off at a slower rate of around 1 – 2 pounds per week. This can quickly add up. Does losing 10 pounds make a difference in appearance? You bet it does.

And when your starting size is larger, you’ll shed the pounds at a faster rate – especially at the start of your weight loss timeline.

Type of diet

While following a healthy diet will most certainly benefit your body and your weight loss, some diet plans are designed to create an accelerated weight loss initially.

These include South Beach and Atkins, alongside many others. These popular diet plans include an intense starting period to encourage faster weight loss.

You’re likely to shed the weight quite quickly (potentially five pounds or more) each week in this initial phase – resulting in you noticing your weight loss far quicker.

However, the weight you lose during this intense phase is often attributable to water loss due to carbohydrate restriction, rather than fat loss.

Carbohydrate restriction

When you restrict your carbohydrate intake, it can lead to quicker water loss. In a nutshell, your body needs water to store those carbs. And so, when you reduce the numbers of carbs you’re taking in, you lose the water needed to store it as well.

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In essence, this means that your appearance can change pretty quickly when cutting back on carbohydrates due to the water you’ll be losing.

However, this isn’t the same thing as losing fat. To do that, a longer, sustained healthy lifestyle is required.

Regular weigh-ins

Weighing yourself on a weekly or bi-weekly basis has been found to boost morale, and can often lead to further weight loss. In fact, studies have found that the more regularly you weigh yourself, the greater your potential weight loss.

Your weight changes throughout the day for many reasons, and it won’t always be representative of weight you’ve lost – however it can still be a motivating sight to see the scales ticking the other way, ladies!

How you measure yourself

Depending on your method of measuring the weight you’re losing, you may notice results sooner. Some scales, for example, are super sensitive and can show you even tiny amounts of weight you’ve managed to lose—so satisfying.

Alternatively, you may notice clothing beginning to fit better, particularly clothing which is tight-fitting or tailored, as opposed to billowing or baggy.

This is one of the better ways of marking your progress, as new muscle can often offset the weight lost by burning fat, which may mean the scales don’t give you the whole story on your fitness journey.

Dropping clothing sizes

There aren’t many feelings better than realising that your hard work has paid off and you’ve dropped a jean size. Bear in mind, however, that losing weight isn’t the same for everybody.

While some of us may find our top sizes going down first, for others this may be pant sizes. Your height and general build will determine how long it takes you to drop a dress size, too!

How long does it take to lose weight?

Now, while it is incredibly satisfying to find you’ve lost the weight you wanted and hit your target, it’s important to remember this isn’t the sole reason for leading a healthy lifestyle.

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However, if you are motivated to get healthier by monitoring your weight loss, here’s a handy weight loss timeline which you might find useful! It assumes you’re eating a healthy diet and getting moderate exercise regularly, naturally.

First week:

Many beginners can see the scales change by as much as five pounds during their first week. You’ll notice a substantial change in the way you feel, too!

Second week:

This is around the time you’ll start to notice minor changes in the way your body looks. It’ll be subtle, but you’ll see it. Your workouts will get easier too!

Third week:

If you’ve kept up the good work for three weeks, you’ll be beginning to see exciting changes in your body and your levels of fitness. In short, you’ll feel amazing.

Fourth week:

After a month of hard work and careful eating, you may well have dropped a dress size already!

When do people notice weight loss?

Ultimately, there’s no single answer. With the above advice and a weight loss timeline however, the question of how long to lose weight will hopefully feel a little less daunting.

The most important thing is to get started and give it your best. Come on, ladies, you’ve got this!

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