​​Best foods for weight loss this fall

Let’s be honest ladies, something is always going to come up in the calendar and throw your weight loss journey off track. Even just the word ‘Christmas’ makes us think… Ahh, I’ll start my diet tomorrow.

But the thing is, no matter the season or occasion, you can stick to your weight loss efforts. Yep, a fall diet does exist! And it doesn’t have to be boring, or even feel like you’re trying to lose weight.

While the fall is typically full of cozy, comfort foods, there are some great foods for fall that won’t sabotage your weight loss efforts.

So, here we go, the best foods for fall to fit into your healthy lifestyle.

How to kickstart fall weight loss

best fall foods

Losing weight can feel pretty slow sometimes. So when it comes to Autumn time, knowing the best foods for fall that’ll support your weight loss is crucial.

Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the best fall foods below!


Packed with fiber, water and phytonutrients, apples are one of the best fall foods to support your weight loss goals. Research has shown that those eating certain fruits – including apples – lost weight without making dramatic changes to their diet.

Since apples have a huge amount of fiber, they also keep you feeling full for longer – which means less snacking! Another great tip for getting even more fiber on your fall diet is to add oats and nuts with baked apples. Delicious!


fall diet foods

Would it really be fall without pumpkins? Of course not. While many of us usually only get pumpkin into our diet via a spiced latte, in its usual, whole form, pumpkin is easily one of the best foods for fall weight loss. This is because it is packed with powerful vitamin A (a crucial antioxidant!), as well as fiber.

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Yep, a half cup of pumpkin alone offers around 3.6 grams of fiber! But why is fiber so important? Well, fiber comes in different forms. For this purpose, we’re talking about soluble and insoluble fiber – which can help you feel fuller for longer, while also lowering cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Top tip: Not a fan of pumpkin? Try adding canned pumpkin to your morning smoothie to get an extra boost of fiber and vitamin A.


As the temperature starts to cool down this fall, we all start to revel in the fact we can enjoy warm, cozy, meals once again. There’s nothing quite like a great chili, is there?

But while it may not be your obvious go-to on your list of the best foods for fall, it may just be the secret weapon you’ve been looking for! When prepared right, a delicious chili loaded with veggies, lean meat and beans can provide the perfect balance of carbs and protein – keeping you feeling full.

Unlike junk food and processed meals, these foods for fall will keep you stuffed until breakfast – curbing those snacking urges!

Top tip: For a fiber and nutrient-packed meal, add plenty of beans, vegetables and lentils.


good fall foods

A wonderful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, pomegranates are one of the best foods for fall, supporting your fall weight loss plans!

While pomegranates themselves may not quite be the new go-to for keeping you feeling full until dinner, they do have a great impact on gut health – which can definitely support your fall weight loss goals.

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Unsure how to get pomegranates into your diet? Try sprinkling pomegranate arils on your oatmeal or try adding it to smoothies.

Sweet potatoes

Easily one of the best foods for fall, sweet potatoes are a hot favorite of mine all year round in fact! If you’re trying to cut down on carbohydrates on your fall diet, opt for sweet potatoes instead. This complex carb is high in fiber, keeping you feeling full for longer – which all know means you’re far less likely to snack!

When it comes to good fall foods, sweet potatoes also offer more vitamins and minerals, compared to white potatoes. So, not only will you be less likely to raid the cookie jar, but their water content (around 62 to 75% water) can also support your fall weight loss goals!

Top tip: Try them roasted, mashed or added into soup.

Brussels sprouts

Brussels are most certainly not just for Christmas dinner. A part of the cruciferous vegetable family – which includes cauliflower, kale, cabbage and broccoli – brussels sprouts help lower inflammation, making them a top contender on our list of foods for fall.

If your body is fighting off inflammation, it can quickly sabotage your weight loss efforts, so when you’re heading into a fall diet, getting plenty of Brussels will benefit your weight loss.

But there’s more to Brussels sprouts than boiling. Try roasting them for that perfect warm and cozy fall flavor!

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oatmeal fall foods

As it starts to get a little cooler, we all want to wake up in the morning with something warm and delicious. This is where oatmeal most certainly shines! If you’re looking to kickstart your fall weight loss, oatmeal most certainly delivers a punch of fiber.

But not just any fiber – this special type, called beta-glucan – helps to regulate your blood sugar, keeping you feeling full for longer. And we all know what that means… No urges to snack!

While many of us can dish up a great fall diet plan, a focus on all-round diet quality is important here. Which also means looking after your gut and overall health to support your weight loss efforts.

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If you’re running low on time, instant oatmeal is a viable option. However, opt for lower sugar to ensure you’re not increasing your sugar intake! Although, where possible, making your own flavored oatmeal is the way forward – and affordable too. Don’t be afraid to get creative with flavors. It’s no wonder oatmeal is one of our best foods for fall

Ready to smash your fall weight loss?

As we enter the fall season, it can be tempting to start snacking at home (even more!), or not head out to the gym since it starts to feel a little colder outside. This is where home bodyweight exercises are great for keeping your fall weight loss goals on track.

Our best foods for fall will most certainly get you started on your journey!

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