Fall back in love with your goals

In the past year, times have been tough and we’ve often found ourselves opting for the couch over any type of exercise. However, we have come this far, and there’s plenty more to achieve yet! We’ve banished that Blue Monday mood and come out the other side with plenty of goals ahead.

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, it’s all about falling back in love with your goals again. Whether you’re striving for that teeny bikini or have your eye on a little black dress, eyes on the prize, ladies!

But of course, you need to enjoy the process too. It’s time to put YOU first. Whether you’re a yoga lover or you’re a fan of kettlebells, it’s time to look after number one (erm, you!) and go after your goals.

Treat self care as the priority

The world is pretty weird at the moment, making it difficult to see friends and family and stick to a routine. Many of us are working from home, causing our productivity to take a nosedive at times! But, who doesn’t love working in their PJs, right?

Nevertheless, you need to be looking out for number one – YOU. Although the gyms are open/closed more times than we can count, that doesn’t mean your goals have to go out the window.

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is quite simply to feel good. Self care is super important right now, more than ever. So whether you’re a book nerd or a coffee pro, take the time to do things you enjoy. Run that bubble bath, have that pink gin, crack out the facemasks, you name it.

You don’t have to have a home full of equipment to get your goals back on track, and we’re going to show you how!

Our top 5 tips for getting those ‘I’ve GOT THIS’ goals back

A relationship with exercise is a little like dating – it can be confusing at first, even nerve wracking, but a hell of a ride when you get started. There can be highs and lows, sweaty patches (oo err!) and plenty of aches afterwards. But they are all totally worth it.

So without further ado, let’s get looking at how you can fall in love with your goals again.

1. Keep it fun

When you’re enjoying yourself, exercise doesn’t need to feel like hard work. While we all have our down days, it’s about knowing when to take a moment for ourselves. Feeling burnt out? Take a rest, get that bubble bath going and refuel for another day.

Exercise shouldn’t feel like a pointless Zoom call that could have been an email! If you’re feeling bored with your current workout, try mixing things up a little. Join an online class so you can feel the burn with others – whether you’ve always wanted to try Pilates, or you need some encouragement to get you through those press-ups!

Once the gyms and classes return, try your hand (well, butt!) at Zumba!

2. Create and celebrate small wins

We all love hitting our goals, but when they feel a million miles away it can be hard to stay motivated. Set yourself small, achievable milestones and celebrate along the way!

Out running? Challenge yourself for getting back to the start within a set amount of time. Doing press-ups? Do 15, not 10. Not every goal is about your weightloss, but the journey to get there.

While many of us have put on a few pounds over the winter months, it’s done, it’s dusted and it’s time to move on. The only way is up! And we’re here to celebrate with you every step of the way.

3. Always be open to learning new things

We all love discovering a hack, right? But instead of discovering new ways to fold your towels on TikTok (believe me, it’s a thing!), spend some time uncovering new exercises.

As you fall back in love with your goals again, continue your journey by finding new ways to get your blood flowing! Exercise is a bit like ordering a takeaway, sometimes you just need to push the boat out and try something new.

Once your workouts become a part of your weekly routine, there’ll be no turning back. You’ll wonder what you ever did before! If you’re feeling bored of a specific exercise, switch things up with the likes of HIIT programs, bodyweight only workouts and even Pilates.

4. Get ready to go steady with your new love

Getting committed to your exercise is a little like dating – are you ready to go steady, yet? To show your commitment, block out some time in your calendar for daily exercise (with rest days) to ensure you stick to a routine.

Not every commitment is a diamond ring, but we’re all about loving ourselves! That’s right, get focused on number one.

There are plenty of apps around to help you stay motivated, whether you’re looking for a personal trainer in your pocket or some extra guidance on your runs (such as Couch to 5k). Plus, it doesn’t mean breaking the bank either. Many are free or have free trials available, so before you commit financially, you can take them for a spin!

To feel your best when exercising, it’s important to have a comfortable (and sometimes strong!) sports bra, stretchy leggings and trainers with plenty of grip.

So if you’re lacking in the basics, a simple online shop can help you fall in love with your goals again.

5. Get plenty of rest time, too

Pair your exercise with rest days to allow your body to refuel, repair and grow. When you really get into the swing of things, it can be easy to forget to take a break. You roll your eyes now, believe me, it’s possible!

As I mentioned earlier, block out some time in your calendar (if you’re super organised!) to workout, and ensure you know which days you’re taking off as well. Otherwise exercising too much can be a little like accepting all that overtime at work, only to burn out on the 4th day!

Give your body a break from exercise and you’ll keep that kickass motivation throughout.

You’ve come this far, you’ve got this!

If you’ve gained a little weight the past few months, we totally get it. It can be hard work kickstarting your motivation again, especially when you feel as though you’ve lost sight of your goals. But you needn’t fret, because we’re here every step of the way!

Our blog is full of great advice (if I do say so, myself), and more than enough ideas to mix up your routine.

Just remember, you’ve come this far! You’ve beaten the January blues, Valentine’s Day is over and it’s YOUR time to shine. Need a little visual inspiration to get started? Pick an outfit in your goal size and pin it up somewhere you can see it daily.

Go get them goals!

When you surround yourself with like-minded, driven individuals, it makes reaching those goals far more fun. Plus, you’ve got that helping hand of support around you.

So, don’t be afraid to ask your best friend to go running with you. Got a partner? Get them in on it, too! But if you’re not sure about dragging your gal pals into exercise just yet, have a look at groups on social media for some moral support!

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