40 daily habits of healthy women

daily healthy habits for women

You know those bright and shiny women that just seem to have everything together? Whether they’re always about to go to a gym class, they’ve got healthy and freshly baked snacks for the kids after school, or they just look together. They’re the kind of woman that leaves a spin class looking better than when they walked in.

And we’ve all been guilty of beating ourselves up, comparing ourselves to them and racking our brains for the magic potion they seem to have. But the honest answer is that being healthy: physically, emotionally, and mentally is a marathon and not a sprint.

If you’re ready to make some changes to your life to get your health in tip-top shape, then we’re here to help! These 40 habits are all pretty small on their own but done regularly and consistently, they’ll start to stack up, and you’ll see the benefits way into the future.

1. Journaling 

daily habits for women

Journaling has picked up some real popularity over the last few years, but it’s a fantastic way to start and end your day. It helps you book some time to reflect with yourself and ensure that you’re taking notice of your day. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; you can just pick up any notebook or even the notes section of your phone and start journaling.

Questions to ask yourself in the morning:

– What am I grateful for today? Three answers

– What would make today great? Three answers

– A daily reminder that I am…

Questions to ask yourself at night:

– What were three great things that happened today?

– What could have gone better?

2. Get your heart pumping with some anaerobic exercise 

We know that there are many benefits to aerobic activity like jogging and cycling; however, add some anaerobic exercise into the mix for long-term benefits. Why not try a HIIT class or CrossFit?

3. Eat regularly

Eating often keeps your metabolism pumped up and with your energy high. It helps you avoid getting so hungry that you want to gorge on everything at the end of the day!

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According to a recent study, the best balance for losing weight and maintaining it is to have three meals and two snacks each day.

4. Eat your carbs with protein or fat

When you eat carbs alone, your body converts them into glucose (aka sugar!) faster than eating something that slows down your digestion – like protein or fat.

5. Manage stress (for real)

We know, we know, we all say that we’re going to stop being so stressed and then… it all goes wrong! But pretty much everyone could do with less stress. Cortisol, the stress hormone, is terrible for both your heart and your waistline.

If you feel stress creeping in, force yourself to take a mental break when you’re feeling overwhelmed or overloaded. Make sure you’re regularly taking time out during the day to go for a walk, read a book for a few minutes or even have a chat with a co-worker to get away from your computer and desk.

6. Don’t fear fats

How much fat you eat doesn’t impact your weight or risk of disease that much; it’s the type of fat and the total calories you need to keep an eye on. Your body needs polyunsaturated, monounsaturated, and saturated fats on some level to keep your body healthy and working. Ideally, you want to avoid trans fats.

7. Don’t skip breakfast

Some of us just aren’t really breakfast people, and that’s ok. But, if you can, it’s important to eat something in the morning and eating a combo of carb-fat or carb-protein will give you all-day energy and productivity!

8. Don’t eat mindlessly

We’ve all done it, grabbed a packet of chips and gone back to our desk to graze whilst we work. However, when you don’t concentrate on food whilst you’re eating, your body doesn’t register it the same way and can lead to overeating. So, when it’s time to eat, take 15 minutes to sit down, focus on your food and eat your meal.

9. Eat a pound of produce daily 

A pound sounds like a lot, but it’s not as extreme as it sounds. For example, a large apple can weigh as much as 1/3 of a pound! According to the World Health Organization research, people who eat a lot of fruit and vegetables weigh less.

10. Add strength training to your workout routine

By adding in regular strength training, you’ll help to preserve muscle mass as you get older. As well as helping you to improve the strength of your muscles and the density of your bones.

11. Choose meatless Monday

Did you know that many people in the Mediterranean primarily eat a diet of mostly plant-based food with the odd instance of dairy, meat, poultry, or fish? Many studies have revealed that people who eat this way have lower risks of chronic diseases and live longer. So why not go meatless one day a week?

12. Reduce your sugar intake

This is a tricky one for those of us with a sweet tooth, but did you know that added sugar has been linked to weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer? Cutting back on your sugar intake can mean significant benefits for your long-term health.

13. Weight is just a number

As hard as it is, try not to obsess over your weight. The number on the scale only paints some of the picture. Focus on healthy habits like exercising, eating a well-rounded diet and cutting back on alcohol will benefit you way more than stressing over your weight.

14. Catch those Zzzs

Easier said than done, right? But sleep is critical to your overall health. It doesn’t only put you at risk for emotional and physical conditions in the short term; poor sleep is also linked to heart disease, obesity, depression, and anxiety.

15. Fill your kitchen and pantry with healthy foods

It’s so much easier to reach for the right choices when you have healthy food in the house. So, stock your pantry and kitchen with healthy foods that help you to make good decisions!

16. Get comfy with your gyno

We’re not sure that a visit to the gyno is at the top of anyone’s list of fun things to do, but it’s important to stay on top of any issue that might pop up. Things like periods and sexual health change as you get older; make sure you can have open conversations with your doctor.

17. See your eye doctor regularly

Whether your vision seems sharp or you’ve worn glasses your whole life, it’s important to stay on the ball with regular eye exams. This leads us on to…

18. Wear sunglasses

They’re not just here to help you the morning after the night before… your eyes and the tissue around them can get damaged from UV exposure, so wear a pair of high-quality sunglasses (and a hat) when you’re outside.

19. Check-in with your doctor every year

Not only are annual physicals great for checking in with your doctor if something has been bothering you, but they’re also great for early intervention if you’re at risk of diseases like diabetes.

20. Strettttccchhhhhh 

When you’re done with your workout, it can be tempting just to hit the showers and get out of the gym. But making the time to stretch after exercise can help maintain (and even improve) your flexibility.

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Plus, why not give yoga a chance? Not only is it great stress relief, but it can also help to improve your flexibility, mobility, body alignment and posture.

21. Schedule your workouts

Book your exercise and workouts into your diary, just like any other meeting or appointment. This helps to make it part of your daily routine, and there’s no opportunity for procrastination to creep in if it’s scheduled!

22. Invest in workout gear that makes you feel amazing

Let’s be honest, we all love a bit of activewear! But wearing good workout gear helps you feel amazing in the gym, plus it can help you perform better and have more effective workouts!

23. Try and hit 10,000 steps a day

Sitting all day long is terrible for your posture and can actually set you up for lower back pain later in life. So, get up on your feet and aim for 10,000 steps a day!

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24. and stand up tall

Following on from getting in your steps is to make sure you’re standing up tall! Not only does standing up straight look good, but it can also help stave off lower back pain and let your body move and work with the proper alignment.

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This helps to decrease your risk of injury as you get older too.

25. Make time for ‘me time.’

Trust us, we know it’s easier said than done, but ‘me time’ is vital. Self-care doesn’t have to be anything drastic, even just a quick bath where it’s just you, bubbles and your favorite playlist. Take at least 15 minutes a day, just for you.

26. Swap out your soda for sparkling water

Need that fizzy fix? Why not swap your regular soda for some club soda with a splash of lemon or lime juice instead? This way, you get your fizzy fix but eliminate a source of added sugar from your diet.

27. Add some greens to your meals 

Eating lots of fresh produce will help you boost your vitamins and antioxidants to keep you healthy long-term. Whether it’s some spinach in your eggs for brekkie or hiding some blitzed veg in your pasta sauce, minor tweaks that add extra veggies to your meals will help you get in that pound of produce each day!

28. Keep water around

How close are you to drinking your recommended eight glasses of water a day? Most of us aren’t getting anywhere near this. Water is so good for so many reasons, from weight loss to your skin to stress boosting, try to up your water intake.

29. Don’t skip out the calcium 

We need plenty of calcium to have stronger bones as we get older. By eating lots of yogurt, almonds, and broccoli now, you’ll be laying the foundations for healthier bones down the road.

30. Meal prep for easy wins

How often have you gotten home from a long day, too tired to cook and find yourself reaching for something easy or even the takeout menu? By making a point to meal prep, you’re upping the likelihood that you’ll eat better – saving you time, money, and your waistline!

31. More mindful moments

Mindfulness is the process of bringing your attention to the present, and it’s an essential tool for good mental health. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; even just taking a moment to check in with your mind and body to assess how you’re feeling in a particular moment is practicing mindfulness. By grounding yourself and making yourself pay attention to the moment, you’re making positive, healthy choices.

32. Cut out the negativity

Have you ever reached a point where you’re dreading catching up with an old friend because of how negative and draining you find them? Cutting ties with toxic friends who repeatedly bring you down or question your self-worth will not be doing you or your mental health any good.

33. Turn off your phone

We’re always looking at one screen or another in the digital age, but constantly being ‘switched on’ can cause all sorts of damage, from creating stress to messing with your sleep. Make sure you’re deliberate about shutting off from the screens and taking some time away to unplug.

34. Read a few pages of a book

Whether or not you’re a big reader, taking like 5-10 minutes to read a few pages of a book a day will help you get better at whatever you’re trying to do in life.

35. Make a plan for the next day

You’re probably already mentally reeling through what’s coming up tomorrow/over the next few days when you’re supposed to be unwinding and getting ready for bed. Instead of letting your mind wander, get it all down into a plan for the next day and unclog your mind.

36. Create a nightly routine

A nightly routine can be beneficial for helping you unwind and letting your mind and body know that it’s time to sleep. Whether it’s a combination of some herbal tea, setting out your clothes for the next day, journaling or reading a few pages of a book. By creating a routine that you follow without fail, you’re setting yourself up for a great night’s sleep.

37. Take six deep breaths 

We’ve all heard of taking a deep breath before we react, right? But how much better do you really feel from one breath? But six breaths leaves you feeling better. It gives you time before you react, the chance to gather your thoughts and slow your heart rate. Obviously, the feeling will still be there, but it takes the edge off and gives you time before the feeling overwhelms you.

Count them out:

1 – breathe in -, 1 – breathe out

2 – breathe in, 2 – breathe out

3 – breathe in, 3 – breathe out

4 – breathe in, 4 – breathe out

5 – breathe in, 5 – breathe out

6 – breathe in, 6 – breathe out

38. Always have something to look forward to 

It doesn’t have to be huge, but always having things in your schedule that you’re excited about or looking forward to will help you find some enjoyment in the everyday. Even if it’s just when the next season of your favorite show is out!

39. Express gratitude each day

Whether it’s part of journaling, some reflection in bed at night or before you get up in the morning, practicing a little gratitude helps you add some perspective to your life.

40. Learn something new

When we’re learning something new, whether a new skill or new knowledge, we’re growing and keeping our brain firing, it keeps us passionate and interested – as well as interesting!

None of these 40 small daily habits will take too much time but build up a consistent routine with some of these habits, and you’ll absolutely see the difference. We don’t recommend taking on all 40 at once as that’s probably overkill but see if you can fit a few new ones into your day.

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