10 low calorie cocktails for the summer!

We all know that dieting can be difficult. And as summer approaches, our urge to slim down increases—along with the urge to do the complete opposite, and indulge in all of life’s pleasures.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to walk this line, and to keep the balance between fun and fit?

Here’s a secret: there is! Ladies, allow us to introduce you to low calorie cocktails.

Diet mixed drinks certainly do exist, and before you ask, no, they don’t taste awful either! If you want to have a great time this summer without having to worry about your daily calories getting out of hand, diet cocktails are the way to go.

Why are cocktails so high in calories?

Many people don’t realise that low calorie mixed drinks are available, and so indulge in high-calorie cocktails all day long, damaging their diet plans.

We usually associate calories with meals and snacks, however, it’s pretty stunning to see how many extra calories you can take on through liquids alone—without ever realising it!

Regular cocktails are high in calories because they contain a ton of sugar. The number of calories in your cocktails will vary depending on factors such as how high their alcohol percentage is, which mixers have been used in them, any syrups and sodas, and of course, the size of the serving.

So then: onto the healthy alternatives.

Here are some low cal cocktails you’re gonna love!

1. Mojito

Now we know that usually a mojito is a sweet cocktail. In order to make it less calorific, you can either make the cocktail with half the amount of syrup, or remove the syrup completely.

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The rest of the cocktail’s mixers consist of mint, lime and soda water, which are all very low in calories. The shot of rum that tops things off adds a hundred calories or so to the mix.

By cutting back on just a little bit of syrup, you can shave off a nice chunk of the caloric content of your mojito!

Total calories: 110 (150 if you add 2tsps syrup)

2. Tequila and soda

A much-loved choice among nutritionists, tequila’s low glycemic index makes it a brilliant low-calorie cocktail. Featuring only tequila, soda and perhaps a little bit of lime as a garnish, these low-cal treats will let you enjoy yourself socially without impacting your diet goals. Just don’t have too many—tequila is strong stuff!

Total calories: 100

3. Champagne

Okay, so it’s not technically a cocktail, but we’re including it anyway. Not only is champagne (or sparkling wine in general) a fun treat for celebratory moments, it’s also low in calories. This is partially because it’s low in sugar, and also because it’s usually only served in small flutes, which helps to regulate how much you consume.

If you’re heading out to celebrate but want to keep your diet on track, go for the champagne!

Total calories: 95

4. Vodka and orange juice

An ice cold glass of vodka and orange (also known as a Screwdriver) is as tasty as it is energising. There are other drinks on this list that are lower in calories for sure, but vodka and OJ gets a place for being so darn satisfying. It’ll give you a good dose of vitamin C, too!

Total calories: 190

5. Vodka and soda

Vodka and soda: simple, refreshing, and super low in calories. You can add a garnish of fruit or a slice of cucumber to add a little fanciness to your cocktail; it won’t increase the calories too much.

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This is one of the best low calorie cocktails, and a great drink to sip by the poolside as you sunbathe.

Total calories: 100

6. Mudslide

At a glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking a Mudslide cocktail was a super-rich dessert. However, it’s actually one of our favourite low calorie mixed drinks thanks to its combination of 1 ounce of Kahlua, 1.5 ounces of Irish cream liqueur, and 1 ounce of vodka.

It’s got even fewer calories than a vodka and orange, and even more taste!

Total calories: 184

7. Dairy-free eggnog

Dairy is pretty calorific, which is why switching up your eggnog with the dairy-free version can make this a great low calorie mixer.

To make this version at home, you’ll need the following ingredients: egg whites, unsweetened almond milk, honey, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and of course, bourbon whiskey.

Total calories: 144

8. Gin and tonic

One of the classic low calorie alcoholic drinks, gin and tonic is very quick and easy to whip up, and you can drink to your heart’s content without throwing off your diet too much.

Flavored gins can keep things interesting — just pay attention to the calories, as flavors can add sugar, too. A strong candidate for the title of best low calorie cocktail!

Total calories: 103

9. Bloody Mary

The world’s favourite hangover cure. A Bloody Mary consists predominantly of tomato juice and vodka, which means your calorie intake from the drink is going to be low—while your enjoyment will be very high indeed!

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Total calories: 118

10. Mulled wine

Okay so maybe it’s not going to be your first choice of drink this summer, but for the holiday season, mulled wine is a great low-calorie cocktail. To make it yourself, combine red wine with orange and lemon peel, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and a little bit of honey. Delicious.

Total calories: 115

Feeling ready for Summer?

With these 10 tasty cocktails, you can have some fun in the sun this Summer without sabotaging your diet plan.

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